Al Caler ~Photographer and Site Designer

Al developed this site to present his photographic work. At first, photos were selected from a variety of photo class projects at Antelope Valley College, Lancaster, CA. Additional photos derive from his travels, especially national parks, historical sites and wildflowers. The majority are mere record shots, taken under the conditions of the moment. Other images are artistic interpretations initiated under preselected conditions. Color photos originate from chrome (slide) film. Black and white images come from negative generated darkroom prints created by Al. He works with traditional cameras: Pentax 67 medium format, Pentax Spotmatic 1000 35mm, and a Pentax ist 35mm. All cameras have a variety of lenses. Since 2008 Al has been shooting most color images with a Pentax K-10D digital SLR camera, and a newer Pentax K-5, as well as an Olympus Pen EP-2.



Pete Caler ~ Webmaster

Pete relaunches the site after additions and changes. He keeps things running smoothly, frequently checking the site's appearance and operation on the web. He taught himself HTML and has created websites from scratch. Although web creation and operation are not his main occupation, he could do it full time successfully. It's to his credit that all the links work and each page loads efficiently.

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