Hay Meadow
The south entrance to Caribou Wilderness is Hay Meadow Trailhead. Five miles east of Chester CA, a left turn onto Forest Service 10 north leads toward this trailhead. Get specific directions from at the National Forest Ranger Station in Chester. If you arrive from the east, the easiest trailhead to access is from Plumas County A21 north from Westwood CA. About 21 miles north, a road west takes you to Silver Lake. Here a sign points to the Caribou Trailhead, one mile north to Caribou Lake and the trailhead. Two other access are available. The trail from Lassen National Park is described on another page. The north access is west from CA HWY 44 on a web of dirt roads to the Cone Lake Trailhead. These conifers near the Hay Meadow Trailhead reveal the moist Cascade climate.
Caribou Wilderness
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