Al first learned film camera and darkroom skills in the US Army in Germany. Later he refined those skills at Antelope Valley Collage, Lancaster CA, and Lassen College, Susanville CA. Later, he studied digital photography and web design at the these two colleges. This site exhibits the results of his work.
Pete Caler, original webmaster, launched the sites, checking the additions and changes for accuracy. He constantly reviewed links and site appearance on the internet. Pete learned to design websites at the time when HTML was the only tool to design a site, and created his own site. Later, web design applications made life on the web easier in some ways, but created a multitude of possible glitches. He mastered the new world of the internet while rising through the ranks to become director of public works in College Station. Texas.
Dakota Caler, relaunched the sites on the new internet platform with https and site security in mind; testing new ways to be indexed into search engines, incorporating a streamline ssl and DNS process to keep the sites live and secure across the web! Dakota learned in depth IT and management of these websites as part of his hobby to understand computers and networking on the world wide web better. He balances this with his work as a digital artist and programer working remotely for Vancouver based studios. covers a wide range of photographic endeavors. Originally created with scanned color, and black and white film images; the site moved into the digital age adding images derived from digital cameras, and edited in Photoshop and Lightroom.
The Imagemaker site is designed in Dreamweaver, using an older version with a simple layout design that newer versions no longer offer.
The magazine style conception is thematic, allowing for new pages and new themes.